Friday, September 25, 2015

Beginning Quilting Class

This has been such a wonderful experience, for me to be involoved with these wonderful women.  They are so eager to learn, so creative, so hard working and not afraid to try anything.  There is a closeness among these sisters, as they work together learning something new, they are sharing, laughing, talking and all enjoying the excitment of a new adventure.  I was there about 2 hours and had to leave, the sisters just wanted to stay and they did and had a wonderful time together.    They have a Relief Society President that loves them.                

 Their Relief Society President would brave the Marketplace that the missionaries are not allow to go to, to look for supplies that can't be found in the regular stores so this event could take place.

This is an amazing branch, they really are a family.  The branch is small  their love for the Savior is enormous.  Last week we attended their Sacrament Meeting and they had a Branch Choir that sang prelude music, and sang "Secret Prayer" as the musical number in Sacrament Meeting.  Harmony and all!!
The choir was about half the congregation.
                    It was beautiful.

At our next quilting class we hope to finish the edges of the project they are working on in the pictures.  We also hope to learn the International Quilting Stitch and make a Baby Quilt.  It can be diffcult to find the tools needed for this task but once again the Relief  Society President is on the move.  These ladies really understand the meaning of extra mile!!!

                                                 "CHARITY NEVER FAILETH"