Monday, April 11, 2016

Three Doctors, three Cities, three Countries and three surgeries

Our greatest challanege as missionaries was not having the health that we need to do our work to the best of our ability.  It started in Dar es Salaam,
Elder Wilson had kidney stones.  The first stop
was at the Aga Khan Hospital and the first
doctor and he felt that all would be well with a
small operation, well, it didn't work.  The second stop was at another hospital and another doctor in Johannesburg, South Africa with a second doctor who was sure it could all be taken care of with a second surgery, well, it didn't work.  

 Elder Wilson's mother always said that things happen in three's so we were headed home to the third hospital in the third city with a third doctor.  We were there a little longer than we planned but, had a third surgery and all is well that ends well and the problem was taken care of .  We are so grateful for prayers that were offered in our behalf from Orem, Utah to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  There were very much appreicated.  So we went from the summer of Dar es Salaam to the winter of  Utah.  Received warm hugs from children and grandchildren, attended the temple and had experiences that strengthened our faith and now we are back in Tanzania to finish our misson.  We are enjoying our time here and loving the work, the people and the gospel.


For dinner we had roasted chicken, green beans and carrots,
marinated vegetable salad and
                             Anges, Sister Mayoli, Sister Atieno, and Elder Wilson giving out gifts.         

We gave them pillowcases and
                                   jam as gifts.

              Agnes and Sister Mayoli  
Sister Alinyo, Sister Were, and Sister Mwazulwa
And our fearless Zone Leaders: Elder Arudo and Elder Mwashi

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

National Elections in Tanzania

 This is an historic time for the nation.  The first election since the country was organized that has been real opposition.  The people are excited and involved.  Flags are flying all over the place.  These pictures are just the flags at one intersection.  The election is on Sunday and because no one knows what to expect and traveling around can be quite difficult on a normal day, church has been canceled.  Members have been encourage to vote and than stay at home with their                                                                                                   families.
Tanzania is a young country only about 50 years old.   They have been having rallies all over.  On the right, a rally is forming in a large parking lot and people are walking, riding motorcycles, and bicycles in order to be involved.  The green and yellow group are the governing party.  The blue, red and white are the opposition party.  

The Missionaries have been counseled to stay home Saturday and Sunday.  Keep a very low profile and stay away for large crowds for the next few days as the election results don't come out for the President until Wednesday.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Tingatinga Artwork from Tanzania

In comparison to woodworking painting has a fairly low profile in Tanzania.  The most popular style by far is Tingatinga, which takes its name from painter Edward Saidi Tingatinga, who began it in the 1960s in response to demands from the European market.  Tingatinga paintings are traditionally composed in a square, with brightly colored animal motifs set against monochrome background.  The are so fun to look at and it really represents Tanzania.  I hope you enjoy looking as some of this art.
You can find almost anything!

I like the Noah's Ark that looks like it is sitting on the car!

You can see why children like this artwork so much, it is just fun!

Sometimes it is just fun to look at a picture and see what you can find in the picture.
You still people dressed in traditional clothing.   The ladies love bright colors and many African fabrics have a large print and many bright colors.  We tend to see a great deal of purple, gold, pink yellow, green, blues and reds, and many others but they really seem to enjoy wearing the traditional look.  When you buy fabric it will usually come in a minimum of 3 metres.  At most stores everything is just one price.
Most of these pictures are so busy, what can you find?

Friday, September 25, 2015

Beginning Quilting Class

This has been such a wonderful experience, for me to be involoved with these wonderful women.  They are so eager to learn, so creative, so hard working and not afraid to try anything.  There is a closeness among these sisters, as they work together learning something new, they are sharing, laughing, talking and all enjoying the excitment of a new adventure.  I was there about 2 hours and had to leave, the sisters just wanted to stay and they did and had a wonderful time together.    They have a Relief Society President that loves them.                

 Their Relief Society President would brave the Marketplace that the missionaries are not allow to go to, to look for supplies that can't be found in the regular stores so this event could take place.

This is an amazing branch, they really are a family.  The branch is small  their love for the Savior is enormous.  Last week we attended their Sacrament Meeting and they had a Branch Choir that sang prelude music, and sang "Secret Prayer" as the musical number in Sacrament Meeting.  Harmony and all!!
The choir was about half the congregation.
                    It was beautiful.

At our next quilting class we hope to finish the edges of the project they are working on in the pictures.  We also hope to learn the International Quilting Stitch and make a Baby Quilt.  It can be diffcult to find the tools needed for this task but once again the Relief  Society President is on the move.  These ladies really understand the meaning of extra mile!!!

                                                 "CHARITY NEVER FAILETH"

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Called to Serve

 This is Mashaka and Rashid, they are brothers in the Changombe Branch in Dar es Salaam. They have both been called on missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  They left for the MTC this week and are at the MTC in South Africa.  One will be serving in Zimbabwe and the other in Kenya Nairobi.

This picture was taken last Sunday after church, they both shared their testimonies and did a wonderful job.  THEY WILL BE GREAT MISSIONARIES.

It was our opportunity to teach these fine young men the Temple Preparation class.  We really enjoyed teaching them.  They were very interested and always came prepared.  They loved learning about the temple.

We received a short email from them the other day and they are having a great time.  They are the only members in their family.  They worked hard to get ready to go and they studied hard too!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Mormon Helping Hands - Dar es Salaam - August 15, 2015

 The Dar es Salaam District Missionaries.  Fun and hard-working.  So willing to do anything that is needed.

         WE SO ENJOY BEING                        WITH THE                            MISSIONARIES!!!!
 From left to right:  Elders Lopeyok and Arudo, Elder and Sister Wilson, Elder and Sister Smith, Sister Mayoli and Alinyo, and Elders Harvey and Nkhoma.  They have so much fun but when they do training at District Development Meeting, they rise to the occasion.  At the end of a meeting you feel a need to go home and study some more, work harder, love more and serve better.

Every year the Dar es Salaam District finds a large project to do with Mormon Helping Hands.  This year they chose a hospital.  There is a very large Government owned hospital that required a great deal of cleaning around the hospital grounds.  Members brought their own tools, shovels, rakes, brooms, pitchforks, and of course pass along cards.  We have been told there were about 120 volunteers.  They worked the whole morning and got a great deal accomplished.  Many hands make light work.

Elder Wilson       
               ElderArudo                  Elder Lopeyok and friend waiting for area assignment for work!               

What a joy it is to be able to serve side by side with the members of this district.  I saw several people stop to read the sign that was placed in the center park area of the hospital grounds.  It is a quiet place where visitors and family members can go for quiet reflection.