Friday, April 10, 2015

Traffic in Dar es Salaam

There are several methods of transportation in Dar es Salaam.  You can travel by foot, bike, pikipiki or motor bike, bjuj, daladala (bus), car.  We drive on the"wrong"side of the road and the stirring wheel is on the"wrong"side of the car.  The daladala's just make everyone get out of their way.  Bjuj are little three wheel vehicles and they just dart in and out of the cars and buses.  The pikipiki's go everywhere, around other vehicles, down center lanes, basically anywhere they can find a little room to sneak in and out.  Bikes are mostly on the sides of the roads.  The roads have many potholes so you really have to watch out for everyone no matter how they are traveling.  Sometimes the traffic lights are not working so a police officer is directing traffic, but I would not want to be in the center of the street trying to tell people how to drive.
All of the transportation is a form of income, the pikipiki's often have paying passengers on the back, the bjuj's you will most often see ladies riding in them with their packages from shopping.  Of course, the daladala's are packed full of passengers.  ABOVE PICTURE IS FOR THE BOYS:  Thought they would like to see Papa sitting on a pikipiki.  A repairman came on it to fix our generator.

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