Sunday, May 24, 2015


 This is the rainy season in Tanzania. When it rains, it is often torrential, pouring heavily and constantly. Recently, it rained continually for three days nearly all day and night. The water began to build behind out compound.
 The water flowed into this area from the nearby streets. The local drainage system is not capable of handling this amount of water particularly with the garbage on the streets that plugs the drains. The water continued to build.
 The landlord had build a new section of wall behind our house. He built the new wall in front of the old wall intending to take it down later. As the water rose, it washed away the old wall.
 We noticed that the water was now running under the foundation of the new wall which had not been dug deep enough. We informed the landlord that we were concerned that the new wall would collapse also. Suddenly in the later afternoon we heard a loud crash. Immediately I said to Sister Wilson, "The new wall has fallen." I went outside and saw half the wall gone.
Here we see all that is remaining of the poorly constructed foundation of the new wall. The rest is in the rushing water. As Toto sings, it does rain in Africa.

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