Saturday, July 25, 2015

Dar es Salaam's Beautiful Peninsula

 Just out for a walk along Dar es Salaam's beautiful peninsula.  You can see everything from dugout fishing boats to yachts.  There is a lot to see in the area from fancy hotels and restaurants to the humble fishermen working for food.  There is a long natural pier that you can walk along and just take your time enjoying the atmosphere.
We had a great time with Elder and Sister Clayton and Elder and Sister Smith.  The weather was perfect for seeing the sights, with a pleasant breeze blowing in off the ocean.  The sand is white the water is clear and the sky is blue.  It was exciting to watch everything that was going on, from fishermen hard at work to those that were just relaxing and enjoying themselves.  Some walked down to put their feet into the waters of the Indian Ocean while others

 were parasailing across the water.  We were able to watch one young man, hanging onto his sail and standing on something similar to a surfboard.  We watched the wind pulling him over the waves.  It was quite a sight to see.  He would go so far and than return to the place where he started and do it all over again.  It really was breathtaking.
 There are several fun places to shop on the peninsula, one of them is called Slipway, it is a collection of small shops where you can buy anything from sandals, woodcarvings, to Tinga Tinga art.  Everything is handmade.  Nearby there is another shopping plaza that is also fun for shopping.  They have a bookstore, chocolate shop, jewelry store, a supermarket, but the store I like is a shop where everything is handmade by a special women's organization in Dar es Salaam. They make bags, purses, clothing, placemats, coasters, etc.

There is a community on the peninsula that is called Oyster Bay.  Many people live there that work for different embassies.  Many of the residences have signs outside their property identifying the nations that reside there.  Naturally, we were able to find the Canadian Residence.  This was fun for us to do because several years ago Elder Wilson's brother was living here with his family while he was working for the Canadian Government.  We are so grateful for having the opportunity to serve here and have met many members who have fond memories of  them.

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