Friday, October 2, 2015

Tingatinga Artwork from Tanzania

In comparison to woodworking painting has a fairly low profile in Tanzania.  The most popular style by far is Tingatinga, which takes its name from painter Edward Saidi Tingatinga, who began it in the 1960s in response to demands from the European market.  Tingatinga paintings are traditionally composed in a square, with brightly colored animal motifs set against monochrome background.  The are so fun to look at and it really represents Tanzania.  I hope you enjoy looking as some of this art.
You can find almost anything!

I like the Noah's Ark that looks like it is sitting on the car!

You can see why children like this artwork so much, it is just fun!

Sometimes it is just fun to look at a picture and see what you can find in the picture.
You still people dressed in traditional clothing.   The ladies love bright colors and many African fabrics have a large print and many bright colors.  We tend to see a great deal of purple, gold, pink yellow, green, blues and reds, and many others but they really seem to enjoy wearing the traditional look.  When you buy fabric it will usually come in a minimum of 3 metres.  At most stores everything is just one price.
Most of these pictures are so busy, what can you find?

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