Wednesday, October 21, 2015

National Elections in Tanzania

 This is an historic time for the nation.  The first election since the country was organized that has been real opposition.  The people are excited and involved.  Flags are flying all over the place.  These pictures are just the flags at one intersection.  The election is on Sunday and because no one knows what to expect and traveling around can be quite difficult on a normal day, church has been canceled.  Members have been encourage to vote and than stay at home with their                                                                                                   families.
Tanzania is a young country only about 50 years old.   They have been having rallies all over.  On the right, a rally is forming in a large parking lot and people are walking, riding motorcycles, and bicycles in order to be involved.  The green and yellow group are the governing party.  The blue, red and white are the opposition party.  

The Missionaries have been counseled to stay home Saturday and Sunday.  Keep a very low profile and stay away for large crowds for the next few days as the election results don't come out for the President until Wednesday.

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